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Quick Update


Yeah so that pretty much explains why there haven’t been any post lately on my blog. These fucking allergies are killing me. I glad for the warm weather but damn the pollen to hell. Without going into details, lets just say that Kleenax will never be out of business with me around lol.

Anyways I this week hopefully you will see my Mosquitoland review as well as my Siren’s Fury review (which by the way is an amazing read). And some other amazing news that I’m happy to share with you.

Also let’s not forget  A Month of Indies that I’m working on. There are some amazing authors and bloggers that I’m working with to make this thing this event the best that it can be.

So there you have it. I haven’t abandon my blog just yet. I’m just working on some things and I’m dealing with these killer allergies that seem to want to make my life a hot ass mess. Time to take so medicine to knock my ass out and get a goodnight sleep. Well I hope so. Damnit I just want to breathe out of both nostrils 🙁


3 thoughts on “Quick Update

  1. Hope you’re soon feeling better. I have allergies as well. I take Reactine and find it helps a lot. Also an air cleaner in your room at night with the windows and door shut will help you to breath better and get a good night’s sleep.

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