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It’s that time again. Wuvs You Wednesdays! Yayyyyyyy! If you’re new to my blog WYW is my way of connecting the blogging community. My own special way of showing support to all the hard working bloggers out. Today I’m bring you my top 5 new to me blogs. These blogs are ones that I’ve recently started to follow. Maybe you know these blogs or maybe, like me they are new to you too. So here we go.


1) The first blog that I’m going to talk about is Husband &Husband. OMG!!! I’m in love with the comic section on this blog. It’s so cute and I crack up every time I read one. Especially the Harry Potter one. Just love their love <3 and I’m sure you will too 🙂


2) AcrosstheWords is hosted the by lovely Sajda. I came across (nice wordplay right?) this blog through Twitter. How I love Twitter and Instagram. One of the best ways to meet new bloggers. Anyways I truly enjoy reading the posts that Sajda writes. They are to the point and beautifully written. Added many book to my tbr because of this blog.


3) So I literally, started following this blog so there is not much I can say about Clumsy Katie Reads Books except that I love the title of the blog. Also from briefly browsing through some of the posts I can tell this a blog that I will be returning often. I plan on reading her post “You love to hate them”.

Wuvs you

4) Again this is a blog that I recently just followed. Heck all of this blogs that I’ve shown you today I recently just followed. Book Nerd Addict is such a cute and sophisticated site. I love the  layout and the fact that Helena also reviews children’s book. Not something that you see often on most reader blogs. Well not that ones that I’ve come across.

Wuvs You

5) KieraneKaine is a blog that everybody can relate to. It run by a lovely young lady that has an incredible passion for books. Same like me and all the booknerds around the world. Plus on top she’s college bound so i can appreciate all the hardwork that goes into filling out application at the same time running a blog and reading the books you love.

So there you have it. I hope I’ve introduce you to some great and wonderful blogger. Please feel free to do the same.

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