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I’m sure reviewers/bloggers has already done a list like this but I just thought I should show you mines. This here list is for all the books that I’ve read and thought were over-hyped. All the books that I have listed have either been turned into movies or in the process of becoming movies. So get your pitchforks and torches ready because I’m going to push so buttons with this list. Especially with the number 1 and 2 spot.

The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins ( Starting at the number 10 spot is The Girl on the Train. I do not understand all the hype that is surrounding this book but I believe it’s unjustified. The book in my honest opinion is absolutely terrible. Not only did I not finish this book but I saw and knew who the killer was without even finishing it. I will have a more thorough review of this book coming shortly to my blog. So be on the lookout if you want to see how I really feel about this book.

Divergent series Veronica Roth (  Well as you can see this is not a book but the whole series that I believed was/is over-hyped. Sorry not sorry but this is the case of the movie being slightly more better then the book. But not by much. The Divergent Series was the second Dystopian set I brought after reading The Hunger Games and let me say that it was a waste of money and time. The first book wasn’t bad but the those last two were blah. Both Four and Tris weren’t all that likable and the plot seem to lose steam with each and every book that came out.

Eleanor & Park--Overhyped books ( Most people know my feelings for this book. I pretty much didn’t like it at all. Eleanor & Park is fill with racial stereotypes (something that I just despise in books) and the main character, Eleanor is just so horrid and unlikable that it made the reading the book unbearable. I cringed every time the words “Stupid Asian kid” were mention or some over reference to Asians being good at “Kung Fu”. So yeah I’m just going to leave it at that.

The Young Elites--overhyped books ( So I love the Legend Series by author Marie Lu so naturally I was super excited when I heard that she was writing another book. A book based on fantasy. A genre that happens to be my favorite. Sadly The Young Elites was not a good read. It was boring a majority of the time and it lacked world-building, which is needed when writing fantasy. The story was there but in my opinion wasn’t used to its full potential. This series has promise but I want to be lost in the world that Marie Lu is building and the characters that she has developed. Plus more action. The Young Elites just didn’t do it for me as far a fantasy is concerned. Still gave it a 3.5 rating because there is something about Marie Lu style that keeps me invested. I most likely will read The Rose Society when it’s released.

Red Queen ( Take a moment to look at this gorgeous cover. Beautiful right? Well that’s the only good thing about Red Queen. This book had so much potential but it just was not executed well. There were too many inconsistencies with that plot that I was like no, no ,no…hell no. On top of that it lacked information that was desperately needed for me in my opinion to understand the world that author Victoria Aveyard created. Not calling for info dump but just a little be more in the details. Anyways, I’m in the minority because Red Queen was a bestseller.

The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey ( Yeah the fifth book on my list of over-hyped books is none other than The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey. I dragged into this book by all the rave reviews and hyped that surrounded so I went ahead and purchase. Big mistake on my part. This book was boring as hell. It took me a whole month to finish this one because I had to start and stop in order to complete it. The characters were one dimensional and boring. Plus the plot was non-existent. Still it doesn’t matter because this book is getting made into a movie.

So my list is coming to an end really soon. These four books are wildly popular and I don’t know why but they are. This my dear readers is where the torches and pitchforks might come out and play.  I’m sure the GIF below is what everybody who loves these book will be thinking or wanting to say to me. Without further ado here we go.

Over-hyped books (

The Hunger Games series ( Everybody pretty much knows the plot to The Hunger Games so I’m not going to go into details about it. I will say that I don’t understand all the hype that surrounds the books or the movie. For one thing the writing wasn’t all that great secondly only the first book was a decent read. After that it was like the author gave up and didn’t know how to finish what she started. As for the movies–again the first one was great the second one was way to long and I haven’t even bothered with the MockingJay but I heard the movie was awesome.

Over-hyped books ( Again I’m talking about a series instead of a particular book. The Mortals Instruments is not really bad–well books 1-3 aren’t bad but for the life of me I can’t understand the hype. In my honest opinion there isn’t anything special with the writing to make it the hit that it is. The whole “I might be in love with my brother” was over the top and so annoying that I slowly started to lose interest. But once again it really doesn’t matter because ABC Family have picked TMI up for a series and books keep on popping out so…….

The Fault in Our Stars--Over-hyped books ( I read The Fault in Our Stars and I loved it the first time. The second time I read it I was like “okay, I don’t get it”. Not to say that the book is bad but it’s not some literary phenomena that is worthy of all this fandom and rave over the top reviews. It’s a good book but I think with the momentum and recommendation that were blasted all over Booktube and the movie is what made this book what it is today. Without that I don’t think The Fault in our Stars would be the big hit that it is today. Also, I’m so tired of the “Okay,Okay” thing. It was cute the first 100,000th time but enough is enough.

Twilight by Stephanie Meyers--Over-hyped books ( I hate this book/series and there is nothing you can do to change my mind. Stephanie Meyers ruined the mythology of Vampires and their ruthlessness when she made them sparkle. Vampires DON’T SPARKLE!!!! Secondly, the relationship that is portrayed in the Twilight series is just unrealistic and at times disturbing. Nobody and I do mean nobody should be that obsessed and emotional dependent on someone that treats you like shit. Edward was controlling and manipulating as hell and sadly some of the teens who read the book wished to have a relationship like that. UGH. That’s not healthy. Shitty books and shitty movies. Now let me shut up before I get really disrespectful and mean about this series.

So there you have it. My list of over-hyped books. What are your thoughts? Do you agree/disagree? What are some of your over-hyped books. Please share in a comment. Thank you!

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  1. I COMPLETELY agree with your picks for 1 and 3. I couldn’t get past the first page of Twilight, and I steadfastly refuse to see any of the movies. I couldn’t even begin to read TMI until after I read The Clockwork Angel and subsequent books. I think Divergent series should be closer to number 2! Some of the others I haven’t read, so I’ll wait on those. But overall, I think you’re spot on!

    1. I need to try the Infernal Devices series. I heard it was a bit better than TMI. As for Divergent I struggle with putting that closer but there were other books that got on my nerves or I just didn’t plain like more than Divergent. Thank you for reading my post. I’m sure this list will change in the future 🙂

  2. I agree with 3,4, and 8. The Mortal Instruments is predictable if you can read the clues. The Hunger Games was meh I didn’t feel much strength in the emotions as I should have. Eleanor & Park just left me to unsatisfied, but I dunno if it was the time setting. I think it’s placed in the 80’s or the same Era as The Perks of Being a Wallflower and I just don’t get the references and having to look up stuff pulls me out of the story too much.

    1. I agree with you on TMI being predicable and The Hunger Games lacking emotions. The first book in the series was decent but afterwards it just fell flat. Thank you for reading 🙂

  3. I think I’m the only one who loved Twilight! Well, maybe because at the time I read the book, I hadn’t read much paranormal or supernatural books, I still haven’t, so maybe when I venture more into the genre I’d feel differently lol. I still like the movies though, Edward is cute even though he was sparkling!!

    Even though I enjoyed Eleanor and Park, it was my least favorite Rainbow Rowell book. I hated the ending, and I honestly thought she treated Park a little weird. Like that’s it, you just going to leave my boo all high and dry?!! We already discussed The Girl On The Train on IG, and I completely agree with the Divergent trilogy AND TFIOS. I thought Divergent was a cool read, but Insurgent and Allegient pissed me the hell off lol. Not to mention the movie was BORING as hell. I honestly only watched it because Tobias is so damn fine girl lmao. TFIOS was okay. I didn’t get the hype around the book, and every time I see a blurb that says, ” for fans of The Fault In Our Stars ” I turn the other direction lol. This was a fun post!

    1. Let me tell you that Vampires are my thing but Stephanie Meyers ruined them for me. I was really excited about Twilight since it was getting all the buzz and hype. So stupid me went ahead and purchased the first two books and I regret the decision ever since. I can’t with the Vegan Vampires that sparkle. Just a no go. Sorry. And the movies aren’t any better. Trust when you get more into the paranormal genre you will think differently. 🙂

      As for TFIOS I just can’t take the fandom anymore. Gah, I sound so cranky but it’s true I just can’t. The writing was decent the movie was okay but that’s about it. Still I need to remember I’m a grown up reading YA books so there will always be different opinion between the teens and me lol.

      Thanks for reading the post.

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