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More Blood Ink & Fire–#KeepBooksAlive

Blood Ink & Fire (creatyvebooks.com)

So today I bring to you some more missions that I need to complete. Being part of The Hundred as been a fun and awesome experience. Today I and others got to chat with the author Ashley Mansour about Blood Ink & Fire. I must tell you that is was a great and such an eye-opener. We the reader were able to tell the author our thoughts and what we’d liked and didn’t like about the book. What we thought could make the book better for the good. I must applaud Ashley Mansour for being so open to feedback. I know how much hard work goes into writing a book, so hearing critiques–both good and bad has got to be tough. I honestly can’t wait to chat about part two of part Blood Ink & Fire. Especially, on April 21st. The author hinted at something big.

Can you say excited?

Yes that’s me.

I’m also excited about these missions that I’ve been participating in. Today I’m going to do three in one since I feel like I’m behind. The first one is called Fabulous Fiction Fans. So basically I’m suppose to pick three actor/actress that could play characters from the book if there is ever a movie made based on Blood Ink & Fire.

*Fingers crossed*

So here are my picks:

Blood Ink & Fire--Mission (creatyvebooks.com)

So Ashley did I get it right? Lol.

Now for the next mission which is called YA All Day.

For this mission you’re to choose which Sovereign you think you would belong to. This was a hard one for me because I’m a bit like The Winnow: The Sovereign That Went Its Own Way and Mount Memoria: The Sovereign That  Chose To Remember. After much delibration I chose…….

Blood Ink & Fire--Mount Memoria (creatyvebooks.com)

I just couldn’t imagine a world when I couldn’t remember books or words or how to read. Just too damn scary.


Seriously Blood Ink & Fire is a great book that you must add to your goodreads tbr list. It’s that good.

Plus look at this cover:

Blood Ink & Fire--cover (creatyvebooks.com)

If you want more info about Blood Ink & Fire and the author Ashley Mansour click here.

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