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Should I Give It Another Go Around?

I'll give you the sun by Jandy Nelson ( book has practically sitting on my bookshelf since it came. So this month I gave it a shot after hearing so much high praise and reading the rave reviews. Everybody telling me that I need to read this book because it will pull at your heartstrings and you will instantly fall in love with the characters.

Okay I can see where this book might be an emotional read and all but I can’t for the life of me get into it. The writing style is just not my cup of tea. So much purple prose I can barf it up. Still I’m really interesting in reading this one but I know it will be a struggle.

Are there any others having trouble with this book? Should I just give up and take the lost or try again? I don’t particularly like not finishing a book. Something about needing to finish what I started. Plus this book is so beautiful to look at. I hate for it to be a waste. And I’m not ready to give it up, although I know it will find a wonderful home. Just hate when this happens. Especially when you have high hope for something.

So my question to my fellow readers/followers are there any books that you’ve struggled to read? Books that have rave reviews but you couldn’t get into? Did you give the book a second chance or just give it up and move to the next?

Please leave a comment with your answer. I would love to hear your thoughts.

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7 thoughts on “Should I Give It Another Go Around?

  1. FINALLY SOMEONE ELSE WHO SHARES MY FEELINGS. I was really beginning to feel alone.. I really want to like this book, but I can’t get past all of the metaphors and purple prose. I REALLY want to love it, but.. I’m just having a hard time.

    1. Yes the writing style is not my taste. I’m sure this is a lovely book but I’m just having a hard time with it. Wish it was different. You’re not alone in your struggle.

  2. I’ll admit that I personally liked I’ll Give You the Sun, but don’t feel like you have to as well. I can see that it might not be everyone’s cup of tea. 🙂 (I didn’t get along well with All the Bright Places, Lux, The Fifth Wave, If I Stay…)

    1. I too did not like the Fifth Wave. Just wasn’t for me. I guess I really hate not finishing something that I started. Plus the synopsis sounded so good. That’s what made me buy the book in the first place. Maybe in the future I’ll give it a go. If not giveaway time.

  3. Here’s what I think. Try twice. If you still can’t get into it, let it go. The thing is, a book is for enjoying, in my opinion. It may make you laugh or cry, but the point is to find that reading it was time not wasted. There are too many books out there you will love to waste time reading something you know deep down you won’t. 😊

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