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Wuvs You Wednesdays–Revamped


Okay guys I’m excited to tell you that I’ve revamped Wuvs You Wednesdays. If you were here from the beginning you know that I started WYW as a ways of showing support to the book blogging community. Well I’m still doing that but I would love for you to help as well. Wuvs You Wednesdays will be turned into a meme. So every Wednesday I will list my top 5 book blogs that I love to visit or to spread the word about new and upcoming book blogger sites.

You can do the same. Not only will you be helping the community but you will also be helping introduce yourself and your blog to new followers. I’m all about showing love and support. I hope you are too.

So to start Wuvs You Wednesdays I’m going to start by showing some love to these 5 book bloggers.

readwrite1) Starting at the number 1 spot is ReadWriteLove28. This blog is hosted by the wonderful Nori. Not only is she a great blogger but she also an amazingly sweet person who takes book blogging seriously but at the same time knows how to have fun. I’m proud to be part of her Sunday Street Team. 🙂


2) Sara Letourneau’s website is another that I visit frequently when I have the time. I really enjoy reading her deep though out reviews as well as her non-book related posts. Especially her #1000 Speak: Self-Compassion post. That one really helped me in many ways and it still does. I have a bad habit of self-criticizing and I’m trying to break that bad habit. It’s a really great post and you should check it out.


3) BloodInk&Fire. Need I say more? If you don’t know I will be posting a lot about this amazing blog. Not only am I a part of The Hundred: A group of exclusive readers/bloggers that are here to help promote and shape the book of the same title but I’m also a fan. I’m super excited and happy for the author Ashley Mansour and this book that isn’t even out yet. You should get excited about this book too. Blood Ink & Fire. Add it to your Goodreads list asap.


4) Well I recently started following Woven Magic which is hosted by Molly Mortensens. It’s a lovely book blogging site that caters mostly to fantasy and scifi. But that’s not all. Let me tell you that I’ve found plenty of books to put on my ever growing tbr pile from visiting this site.

fangirl5) Another book blogging site that I’ve recently been visiting is Fangirl Confessions. The host Tika is an a phenomenal blogger that tells you like it is. I just love her honesty. One thing I like about her blog is her rating system. If Tika loves a book she will tell you and recommend that you read it. If the book is not to her liking she will tell you and let you know her feelings on the book without being mean or harsh. Plus, thanks to Tika of Fangirl Confessions I was introduce to an new-to-me-Author Jennifer Foxcroft. Thank you girl.

So that concludes my top 5 book bloggers for this Wednesday. Who are yours. Please let me know. If you wish to do the Wuvs You Wednesday meme all I ask is for a link back. Thanks and enjoy. I hope you met some new-to-you-bloggers and I hope I can say the same.

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3 thoughts on “Wuvs You Wednesdays–Revamped

  1. Actually, I think I might join in on this meme. It seems like a great way of recommending blogs and websites to readers who share similar interests. I won’t be able to do it every Wednesday… but maybe once a month. Would you like me to link back to your site when I do it (kind of like how bloggers do for The Broke and the Bookish on Top Ten Tuesdays, or Breaking The Spine for Waiting On Wednesday)?

    1. Thank you! That would be awesome if you can link back. I’m glad you can join Just wanted to show some love and support to the wonderful bloggers that I interactive with. And it’s not a problem. I honestly don’t expect people to do it every week. Just something I thought would benefit the blogging community.

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