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My Thoughts On Fandoms


If you have that much energy to harass and stalk people on social media to defend these celebrities that don’t really care about you all that much than you have enough energy to be productive and do something positive in your life.

And I’m going to leave it at that. Cause I can’t deal with crazy ass people. Point. Blank. Period. #TeamTooMuch.

What are you thoughts on Fandoms/Fanatics? Leave a comment.

6 thoughts on “My Thoughts On Fandoms

    1. It’s when people get overly excited and fanatic that I have a problem. There’s nothing wrong with loving a particular book or celebrity or fandom–I just think its weird when people take it to the extreme. I mean I’ve seen some fandoms that are scary and crazy. Almost cultist in nature. Like I said it’s not that serious and these celebs ain’t paying the bills and putting a roof over your head.

      Although if I see Joe Manganiello walking down the shirt I’ll admit I will throw myself at him. He’s so fine….lol

  1. I don’t really get how people get so excited by celebrities, but I am a member of various book and TV show fandoms. They’re a really fun community, but I feel like sometimes the fans forget the flaws of the book and refuse to admit them or back down. I particularly try to respect other people’s opinions in that respect.

    I can get REALLY overexcited by book releases and stuff, but I try to keep it to a minimum unless I’m with people who actually know me and that I’ll calm down pretty soon xD

    1. Nothing wrong with getting excited by book releases. I mean I get the same way. It’s just when the fans take things too far that I have a problem. Because at the end of the day these celebs aren’t paying your bills or putting a roof over your head. I honestly think that most of the “crazy” fans are the adolescent and pre-teens. Their brains still haven’t developed yet.

      1. Yes I think I get what you mean (as a teenager myself, I do know some who will defend their celebrity/band/whatever to the last stand). Ah, this has really got me thinking now! 🙂

  2. I mostly stay away from social media fandom groups… Though I do frequent the Bioware forums for my video game needs. But though I secretly ship one or two couples with major fandom (Hook & Emma forever!) I really dislike the hate that stems from lots of those people. Better to stay away and ship from afar!

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