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Truths or Lies: The Magician's Lie Review @Greer Macallister

The Magician's LieTitle: The Magician’s Lie

Author: Greer Macallister

Hardcover: 320 pages

Publisher: Sourcebooks Landmark (January 13, 2015)

ISBN-13: 978-1402298684

Genre: Fiction/Historical Fiction

Rating: 4 Stars


The Amazing Arden is the most famous female illusionist of her day, renowned for her notorious trick of sawing a man in half on stage. One night in Waterloo, Iowa, with young policeman Virgil Holt watching from the audience, she swaps her trademark saw for a fire ax. Is it a new version of the illusion, or an all-too-real murder? When Arden’s husband is found lifeless beneath the stage later that night, the answer seems clear.

But when Virgil happens upon the fleeing magician and takes her into custody, she has a very different story to tell. Even handcuffed and alone, Arden is far from powerless-and what she reveals is as unbelievable as it is spellbinding. Over the course of one eerie night, Virgil must decide whether to turn Arden in or set her free… and it will take all he has to see through the smoke and mirrors.


The Magician’s Lie is a spellbinding and enchanting ride that is filled with passion, mystery and murder.

I should start off by how I even came to know about this book because it was nowhere on my radar. I have to thank Traveling with T for that. Tamera always recommends great books and I glad she mention this one to me. Seriously, go follow her blog. She’s freaking amazing. Now back to the review.

We meet Amazing Arden who happens to be one of a few female Illusionist during her time, fleeting away from a murder. She’s accused of murdering her husband and that is where the story begins. Captured by a young policeman (Holt), Arden has one night to tell her story in order to prove her innocence.

As Arden’s story unfolds, you the reader are wondering which parts are truth and which parts are fabrications. She’s not called Amazing Arden for nothing. Through it all you find that Arden is a survivor of unfortunate circumstances. Real or imagined. Without giving anything away, but I believed her about that sadistic sociopath Ray. So creepy he makes you cringe in disgust. Don’t believe me? Well pick up the book and see for yourself.

Greer Macallister has a talent for weaving history with fiction. I was captivated by her writing as she described the gruesome fire that destroyed the Iroquois Theater in Chicago. Or the way she placed important historical figures in Arden life’s. I loved the relationship between Adelaide Herrmann. If you didn’t know (like I didn’t know) Adelaide Herrmann was a real female magician. One of few throughout history. And let me tell you there aren’t many. So naturally, I want to read more about Adelaide Herrmann and the few female magicians that exist. But I getting off track. Like I said before, Greer Macallister has a knack for historical events/moments with fiction. It was like magic, and It worked perfectly for Arden’s Tale. The only complaint I have it with the ending. Too unbelievable for my liking. But overall, it was magical.

Amazing Arden maybe be the Magician but it was Macallister’s magic (writing) that was beautiful, enthralling and compelling that kept me at the edge of my seat. Quite the page turner.


Greer Macallister

Raised in the Midwest, Greer Macallister is a poet, short story writer, playwright and novelist whose work has appeared in publications such as The North American Review, The Missouri Review, and The Messenger. Her plays have been performed at American University, where she earned her MFA in Creative Writing. She lives with her family in Brooklyn.

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