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5 Quick Questions @ Alysha Kaye

5 Quick Questions

Author Alysha Kaye

So I had the amazing opportunity to do my segment of 5 Quick Questions with the lovely author Alysha Kaye.  She is the most sweetest person I know. And her students thinks she’s the greatest. Yep, she’s a full time teacher and writer on the side. Also she wrote this tear-jerking romantic story about what true love really means. If you haven’t read The Waiting Room, what are you waiting for. You will fall in love with Jude the same way I did. Also you can read my gushing review for the Waiting Room by Alysha Kaye. True Love at it’s Finest.

Well enough about me and my gushing. You want to know the dirt. To spill the tea for my down south friends. Not to keep you waiting any longer here are the 5 Quick Question with Alysha Kaye. Like I said before she’s amaz-ing.


1)I guess I will start with the obvious. How does it feel to have your book The Waiting Room finally published? To see your fans holding up your book on Instagram or tweeting about it. Spreading the word on how great The Waiting Room.

It’s been such an amazing experience- the support I’ve received via Facebook, WordPress, Instagram, and Twitter has been overwhelming! I never thought that social media could help me share my novel with so many awesome people like YOU!

2)Most people might not know this but you are a teacher by day, so how did you find the time with all the testing and grading papers to find the time to write The Waiting Room? There are only 24 hours in a day. That’s some true dedication.

Teaching definitely comes first in my life- it’s so much more difficult to be an educator than some people realize. Super time-consuming and stressful, but so rewarding. Therefore, my writing takes a backseat. I actually wrote most of my novel while at a marketing desk job (before I discovered teaching). Now I’m starting my second novel and pulling my hair out with questions like, “WHERE DOES THE TIME GO?!”

3)Jude and Nina are the poster couple of what true long lasting love is all about. These two just melt your heart when reading The Waiting Room. How did you come up with that concept for your book? Love that could last the test of time. I’m not all that romantic but your book gave me hope.

Thank you so much! I wanted them to be real- not a fairy tale, but a relatable, deeply-in-love couple. A lot of that was inspired by my boyfriend at the time, to be honest! He is very similar to Jude…and if you want an inside scoop, Sanovia, he just finished reading the novel! The author’s crazy love life continues…

4)      Now for some fun. Christmas is right around the corner. What acquiring minds want to know is whether or not the tree is up and do you decorate the whole house? I’m talking about lights, Santa sleigh, and reindeer on the roof, the whole nine yards. Or do you keep it simple. Just a tree and some stockings hanging over the mantle?

I just put up a tree, that’s it! Very simple. BUT it’s all about the Pandora Christmas station- the only thing I listen to beginning on Thanksgiving!

5)Yes, another Christmas question for you. What is your favorite Christmas song to listen to that you never ever get sick of hearing. I love Nat King Cole’s The Christmas Song. Classic and my favorite.

Great question! So many to choose from… I think I’ll go with “Baby It’s Cold Outside” – any version! I just love it. Hopeless romantic, I suppose. I’m sure that doesn’t surprise you one bit since you’ve read The Waiting Room!

thewaitingroomIf you wish to purchase The Waiting Room it’s available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and your local bookstore.

I would like to thank Alysha Kaye for taking the time to stop by over here at Creatyvebooks. Had a blast. Hope to do this again when she writes the next book. I’m looking forward to that next book actually.

As always thank you to my followers for all the support that you give. I really and truly appreciate it with all of my heart. Feel free to leave some feedback or comments.



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