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A Month of Favorites. Day 2: Best Books with Kick Ass Girls


Today’s theme is hard for me because I’m very picky about what I consider the best of the best. So the only theme that I have five books that fit that category is Best Books with Kick Ass Girls. I mean I don’t have five books that made me cringe but I’m in the holiday mood and I don’t wish to be negative so I will stick with Best Books with Kick Ass Girls.

As you know I hate dumb female characters or whiny female characters or superficial, self-absorbed, I melt at the sight of a good looking teenage boy type of female character. So it’s rare for me to like and appreciate books with female leads. But I did read quite a few that pass my test on what makes a good female heroine.

1. Snow Like Ashes Sara RaaschSnow Like Ashes by Sara Raasch. One of the best High-fantasy I have read in the YA category. Not only is Meera a kick ass female character but she is smart. Yes, sometimes she does get in trouble with some of the actions she takes but in the end I like the fact that she doesn’t want to be some pretty ornament in a kingdom. She wants to be a Warrior first. Someone who can hold their own in a fight without relying too much on a male presence. Which I find refreshing because time and time again you always see the hulking big man coming to the rescue because the female is not good in a knife fight or is too frightening to do anything but cry and whimper in a corner. I’m not saying to need to know Martial Arts but at least know how to kick somebody in the shins or balls or thrown dirt in their eyes so that you can have a chance at least attempt an escape. Just saying. Also if you wish you see my glowing review check out for Snow Like Ashes.

Storm Siren2. Storm Siren by Mary Weber. Not going to lie but I was draw in by the cover. It remind me of Storm from the X-men series. That is the main reason why I picked this book up. So happy that I did. In the being of the book Nym starts off weak with her self-doubt and whininess but as the book moves along she gains confidence and learns that she has a purpose and that is to help the people of her land. She also learns to trust her instincts and the power that she was born. In this book, Storm Siren, it hits on some heavy issues. I’ve talked about it with Author Mary Weber in my 5 Quick Questions segment. She is such an amazing person and an awesome writer. Plus her book is bad ass.

MurderComplex3.The Murder Complex by Lindsay Cummings. I gave it 4 1/2 stars in my long titled review. Okay I know this book gets mixed reviews but I’m one of the many that enjoyed this book and can’t way until the next one arrives. The Death Code. Super excited to get my hands on that book. Anyways, Meadow is a kick ass girl character because she is willing to do anything to help her family. And I do mean anything. Not only is she skilled with a knife but also her fists. She can handle herself in any situation. Her father taught her well. Meadow might be a little too stiff or stoic for some people but I don’t think I would have the best personality if I grew up in the environment that she has. People are murdered every damn day once night time hits. I would have a hard time trusting people that was not my family.

don't touch4. Don’t Touch by Rachel M Wilson. Caddie is not your typical female heroine but I think she is kick ass because she over comes her fear, which at time is a struggle and a hard thing to do. Not everybody has the courage to do what is necessary to make themselves better. To admit when something is wrong and is holding them back from being the best that you can be. Caddie battles with OCD and it pretty much distant herself from everybody that she cares about. Making it impossible to be social and ‘normal’. It’s a really good book that I don’t think enough people are reading. 5 stars book in my category and review.

STITCH5. Last book I chose is Stitching Snow by R.C. Lewis. Essie is a kick ass fighter with the smarts to boot. In the opening scene of Stitching Snow she is in a steel cage fighting men twice her size. Yes some people will compare it to Marissa Myers the Lunar chronicles but I don’t think that is all that fair. Whereas Cinder doesn’t fight all that much Essie does. Yes they are both smart and can fix all things machinery but that is where the comparison ends. I love the Lunar Chronicles and have read each and every book but I think R.C Lewis does a better job with the world building and the action. Anyways, I will have a review posted soon for Stitching Snow. I think people should give this book a chance as well.

So I guess that is it for today. What are some of your favorite kick ass female characters? Leave a comment and let me know. As always thank you for reading. I really and truly appreciate it.

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2 thoughts on “A Month of Favorites. Day 2: Best Books with Kick Ass Girls

  1. Nice list! I’d add Yelena Zaltana from Maria V. Snyder’s Study series to that list. Resourceful, persistent, diplomatic, a tad sarcastic, plus a talented fighter and magician. I also like how she and her love interest can set aside romance and make a good team.

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