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A Month of Favorites. Day 1


Okay I’m super excited. Not only is it the month of December and Christmas is literally around the corner but I’m excited to be doing Month of Favorites. Basically you will be posting for the whole month of December—think NaBloPoMo but with themes. Which in my opinion makes it that much easier. I don’t really need to think about what I plan on writing. So, this event is hosted by Traveling with T, Girlxoxo and Estella’s Revenge. Go and check out there blogs. Really amazing.

I guess I can get this ball rolling. By the way there might be two blog post on the same day as I do have a commitment to writing my book reviews. With that being said it will not be an everyday thing. Maybe twice a week. Now let’s see if I can actually keep up with this challenge. Maybe you out there would like to join. That would be fun.
Now I can get this ball rolling.


YA. Young Adult has to be my favorite genre at the moment. Before it was mystery. I use to read everything James Patterson and John Grisham. Books I’m sure I wasn’t supposed to read at my young and impressionable age. Still I read them. But along came The Boy Who Lived. Harry Potter. I was hooked. It’s one of my all-time favorite series to read. From there I went to Lemoney Snicket and The Hunger Games (horrible series), to Divergent (another let down), to the Murder Complex (actually enjoyed that one). As you can see I’m into the Dystopian genre. I mean that’s all that author are writing these days. Some good (Marie Lu Legend series) and some not so good (The Pretty Uglies series). I rather read The Hunger Games again then that drivel. Anyways, just because I read YA doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy adult literature. In fact I’m reading The Dress Shop of Dreams by Menna van Praag. A lovely and magical book that is sure to melt your heart this coming holiday. Below is a few of the books that I loved that I read so far this year.

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That’s easy. Pretty much the two J’s with books about Harry. The first being the Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling. I must admit I have not read any of her adult theme book and I probably won’t for the simple fact I will forever know her as the woman who wrote such an incredible story and adventure about The Boy Who Lived. The second is Jim Butcher. Author of the Harry Dresden Files. The adult equivalent of Harry Potter. Except that Harry Dresden is much older and a badass. Also he’s a Dectective.


Sorry but I sort of lost count after the 98th book that I read. All I can say is that I’m past 100. I read a lot. Although, November was a very slow month for me. I got to read about 5 books that month. My best month was September. My birthday month. I read a total of 20 books. Woohoo!!!. Overall, my average is about 10 to 13. Fast reader people. Also I prefer the physical copy of the book. I love to feel the pages turning between my fingers and I like the smell of a brand new book. I do have a kindle because sometimes I receive free e-books and advanced reading copies through NetGalley.

So there’s a question as to when you get your reading done. I have to say morning, noon and night. Or whenever I can squeeze in some reading time. That even means on the porcelain throne. Don’t act like you never got reading done in the bathroom. Nothing wrong with reading a book while taking a relaxing bath.

Anyways, you want to know what my favorite book of the year was so far. Well you have to guess but I’m sure you already know because I talked non-stop about this book. All I have to say is 14 yr old, Graveyard, grieve, friendship, unique voice and letting go.

That’s all folks. Thanks for stopping by and coming along with me on this magical journey. Leave a comment or some feedback. Much appreciated.

Sanovia The Book Loving, Minion Obsessed Blogger.

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