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By Charlie N. Holmberg

4 stars

One of the most surprising reads that I have read so far this year. Charlie N. Holmberg does an extraordinary job of weaving together a magical world like no other. Meet Ceony Twill an apprentice in training to Paper Magician Emery Thane. At first she is disgruntled and disappointed that she is pretty much force to become a Paper Magician. A job that nobody cares for or wants. In all things magic, making paper come to life it considered boring and the lowest of the low. Something to be embarrassed by instead of proud of. Unfortunately Ceony Twill has no choice. Everything has to be balanced.
And this is where the Paper Magician starts. It’s a magical and whimsical story with a hint of Harry Potter, Willy Wonka and Mary Poppins all rolled into one. Just without the candy and the Hoompa loompas. You have the mysterious Paper Magician, a budding love story and an evil lady villain by the name of Lira. Everything to make for an excited and out of this world read. Not only is Ceony smart and cunning but she charming and witty to boot.
At just under 230 pages The Paper Magician is a fun read for all ages. Although, I think more of the middle graders will enjoy this than the adult. Gotta read it quick because The Glass Magician is out. The second book in this wonderful series.

THE GLASS MAGICIANglass magician

By Charlie N. Holmberg

2 stars

What happen to the Ceony that I fell in love with in The Paper Magician? What happen to the smart and clever 19 year old that grace the pages of one of the most whimsical books that I ever read? No longer is she the smart and witty girl but now she is the love stuck dummy. Yes I said it. She—Ceony, Bella Swan me. I hate when that happens. All she thinks about is whether or not Emery Thane loves her. I mean I don’t think there was much plot to this story. Hell I forgot what the plot was about.
For goodness sake, please stop making women seem so damn dumb and blush-y ever time it comes to men. I have no problems with characters falling in love I just hate with a female personality change to the point of dumbness. You can be in love or flirt with whoever but don’t lose yourself. Come on, Ceony was the down in her class at Tagis Praff for the Magically Inclined. Now she’s a bumbling fool, who blushing every 5 second.
On top of that the villains seem rather stupid. Yes I seem to be using that word a lot but is how I feel. I believe that maybe Charlie N Holmberg should have stop at book one. With writing the way it is, there doesn’t seem there is more she can do. It’s like she ran out of steam and she just writing to fill in space.
I was hoping for more character development and world building. I mean the story is supposed to take place in Victoria era London but that is all you get. Nothing more. Nothing less. What started out as an adventure quickly turned into a dud. This book was pointless and I’m sad to say that because I truly enjoyed the first one some much.
Thank you Netgalley for giving me the opportunity to read these two books in exchange for honest reviews.

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