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Catch up Saturday!!!!!


I’m hella late with this post but I was really busy today–baking cookies and reading some books. I miss the days when I can just read for the fun of it. I think this NaBloPoMo is getting to me. I fill the need to right a post everyday for the 30 days. It’s not that I don’t have to stuff to write it’s just that when I feel pressured to do something, I want to rebel. Ha! I’m rebelling against myself since I’m the one who signed up for this. Oh well, just have to suck it up, because I’m committed to this challenge and I will post something every day for 30 days.

With that being said here is my Catch up Saturday with The Bookish Thanks Challenge hosted by @LovelyBookShelf over on Instagram.

*sidenote: All books mention in this post I have but I’m too lazy to locate. So many books, so many problems locating

Day 10 Boosted My Vocabulary


I still remember what the hell acrimonious and abdicate means. Had this books since High School need to utilize it some more.

Day 11 Love the Voice


It should come to you as no surprise that Six Feet Over It by Jennifer Longo has made the list once more but I fucking love this book and I wish more people would read it.

Day Favorite Read Accessory


Yes most people probably said their glasses or a cup of coffee but I choose my Funko Pop Carl. He’s the cutest. Plus I’m Minion obsessed. I’m counting down until the movie comes out.

Day 13 Must Read Author’s Backlist


I love Jim Butcher’s The Dresden Files but I have yet to read The Codex Alera Series. I so need to get on it.

Day 14 Favorite Reading Spot.

I’m not going to use a photo for this on but I will say the bathroom. It’s the most quietest place in my house…lol

Day 15 Sparked My Imagination


Once again the Harry Potter Series made it to the list but these book sparked my imagination to the fullest. Favor series of all times.

So there is my Catch Up Saturday. See anything you like or have read. Let me know by leaving a comment. Thank you for reading once again


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