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by Martina Boone

5 stars


Southern Gothic at its best.
Martina Boone does a wonderful job of weaving a story about love, longing, murder, revenge and the plain old supernatural. It’s a slow and mysterious ride that you want to devour in one sitting. Right there on the back porch with a cup of sweet tea and the sound of circas buzzing in the background.
With her mother dead of a heart attack and her Godfather Mark dying of Pancreatic Cancer, Barrie Watson has no choice but to move in with her Aunt Pru at Watson Island (from San Francisco to South Carolina). Too bad her mother never mentioned that she had family, let alone what this gift of finding loss things means. Could it be a gift or is it some evil curse that has afflicted the Watson clan for generations on end.
As you read and dive deep into the book the mystery unfolds and you learn about the history of the Watson clan and the two other families that have been intertwined with each since the beginning of time. The Beauforts and Colesworths. As the secrets and intrigue unravel so does her “hate” for her mother Lula. Well I wouldn’t really call it hate but let’s just say that it was difficult for Barrie to grow up with a recluse of a mother who she felt didn’t give her the love and attention that she desperately craved as a child.
Which reminds of a few quotes that I just loved from the book. I think most people can relate when dealing with grieve and sadness. Even anger. Nothing wrong with being mad.

I imagine that you believe that. That’s probably been your only option so far. Lula can’t have been easy to live with. Sometimes, though, we let ourselves get so used to being ‘fine’ that we lose track of how ‘not fine’ we are.

It’s a coping mechanism…Telling yourself you’re all right even when you’re not. Maybe your brain and emotions go numb so you stop wanting what you can’t have. But other people’s darkness can drag you down.

You go ahead and be mad about Mark and Lula. Be sad. Be whatever you want. It’s okay to allow yourself to fell.

Aunt Pru was one smart woman. Even if she comes across as batty sometimes but she is a loveable character. So is Eight Beaufort. I forget what his real name is. They mentioned like once but he always goes by Eight while his father goes by Seven. Eight is the southern gentleman that infuriates Barrie but at the same time wins her heart as they work side by side to piece together the history that ties the three families of Watson Island together and figure out the strange happenings that take place on the Watson Plantation.
Mystery, murder, spirits, love, revenge and a whole lot of southern charm. This dark haunting atmospheric debut will keep you on the edge of you seat until you finish the last page. Leaving you in an agony of hurt as you part ways from Watson Island because the second book doesn’t come out until next year. But don’t let that stop you from picking up this beautifully written work of art. Let the compulsion compel you buy Compulsion by Martina Boone.

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  1. I’ve heard such great things about this book! The characters seem absolutely fantastic. I’m definitely going to have to move it up on my TBR.

    Great review~

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