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Wuvs You Wednesdays!!! Blogger Spotlight


Ha! Me and my themes. It’s just who I am and it keeps me on track. I’m seriously trying to keep to this post a day challenge. I know I know I’m running this in the hole but yeah I’m pretty excited to be part of NaBloPoMo. With each post that I upload to my blog I feel accomplished. Call it the honeymoon phase. Today I bring to you Wuvs You Wednesday. Every Wednesday for the month of November I will spotlight a blogger and their blog. These will be blogs that I follow—old and new. Blogs that I enjoy reading and appreciate what they have to offer. Blogs that give me inspiration to better myself as a writer, reviewer, blogger.

TeawiththecatSo today I bring to you Johanna Llewellyn from the lovely and entertaining blog Tea with the Cat. I came upon this gem of a site through NaBloPoMo (which is hosted by BlogHer). Call it perusing the list. I’m just happy that I clicked on the link. If not I would have missed out on this unique voice and storytelling. I just hope she doesn’t think I’m being all stalker-y. Johanna I just really enjoy you site 🙂

Anyways, if you have the time….even if you don’t, go and check out Tea with the Cat. You won’t be disappointed. Have I ever pointed you in the wrong direction? Still wait–okay maybe you don’t need to answer that question. Still check out this lovely lady blog. If not for the amazing written entries than stay for the pretty puddy cat. She’s adorable.

By the way, if you like this idea why don’t you leave a post or comment to a blog that you love and would like other people to check out. We all like and need the support of our fellow bloggers. After all we are all a community of writers.

Sooooo as always, thank you for reading. Your support means the world to me. Without you I would have given up a long time ago. Would love it if you leave feedback. It’s important to me. I like knowing how I can cater to my follower better.

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