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Fun Fact Fridays!!!!! Confessions of a Self-Doubting Blogger. That's Me


That’s my motto for this Friday October 31, 2014. Focus on the good because I obviously am pushing myself to the limit of what I can actually do. Please don’t let this be the negativity and self-doubt that plagues my life constantly. See here is the thing. In my enthusiasm and overly excited state, I signed myself and blog up for so many events that I forgot what I’m doing and when I’m suppose to be doing it. Without thinking of the consequences and repercussions that might come with spreading myself to thin, I just zoned out–I was only thinking of building up my following. Yes, I know that is being greedy but who doesn’t want to become a successful blogger. This is something that I feel that I’m good at and I want the world to see. I want to share my passion and love. There’s nothing wrong with that.

I just starting blogging a month ago and I have 171 followers. Something I thought would take me like two months or more. I mean when you’re starting this journey you don’t think that you would get a 100 followers in a month in such a competitive field. This is why I’m so grateful to all of my followers and the support that they give me. Without I think I would have quit long ago. That’s the self-doubt talking. It likes sneaking up on me every now and again.

So I guess the moral of the story is that I need to pace myself–be patience. These things take time. Yet I can’t sit here and think that this blog is going to gather followers just because I post something everyday. I have to work for it and promo myself. Just don’t over do it and become a turn-off to your followers. Pace yourself fool….lol.

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5 thoughts on “Fun Fact Fridays!!!!! Confessions of a Self-Doubting Blogger. That's Me

    1. I use every social media site I have. From Facebook to Twitter. You can also use Google plus and Tumblr and Instagram. Link your post to these sites to spread the word about your site. I hope that helps you in some way. It’s a lot of work but it helps 🙂

  1. I’ve been stalling on getting my blog out there. I don’t have it linked up to any search engines yet, and I haven’t posted enough for me to feel validated in posting it everywhere on my social media platforms. I’m hoping that NaBloPoMo will change that this month.

    Anyway, you’ve gained a new follower, and I look forward to reading more of your blog. All of us NaBloPoMo-ers have to stick together this month, eh?

    1. Well I do hope you change your mind about posting your blog all over social media because I feel people are missing out on an unique voice. You write beautiful and others should see that. No matter how must content you have. Whether it’s a little or a lot.

      Once again it was nice meeting you through the bloggersphere. Hope you have a wonderful weekend and good luck for all of November 🙂

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