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This Is How YA High Fantasy Should Be Done. Snow Like Ashes @ Sara Raasch

snowlikeashesSnow Like Ashes

by Sara Raasch

5 stars

Fear is a seed that, once planted, never stops growing

I’m the luckiest girl in the world. I’ve been on a good reading streak (something that rarely happens to me). From Don’t Touch by Rachel M Wilson to The Murder Complex by Lindsay Cummings to Storm Siren by Mary Weber, I have been enjoying my time delving into fantasy and contemporary fiction. Add to that list Snow Like Ashes. This is how you do high fantasy for young adult. You have magic,romance,great character development,action mixed with some violence and one hell of a story.

Sara Raasch. Is. Just. Amazing.

I mean……there…..is…..like…..so…..I don’t……Pause. Take a breath and breathe. Okay, sorry about that but I’m just so excited about this book. I had a moment when I was fangirling over how great this book is. Yes, there was the dreaded love triangle. We should all be used to it now. But I’m not. I just wish it was over with. Although I know it’s here to stay. With that being said I gave Sara Raasch a pass because the rest of the story is so phenomenal that you forget about the love triangle and all the messiest that is associated with these type of things.

Now back to the action. Didn’t I mention that the book is action packed? If not it is and Meira is one kick ass heroine. Xena Warrior Princess anybody?


If you don’t know me by now, I like my female characters to be strong and able to hold their own without the rescuing from a man(especially if they’re suppose warrior and fighter and the savior). Now I’m not saying that a woman wouldn’t need help every now and then–she just needs to have the ability to kick ass and take name later if the time should arrive. Be it with her fists or with her brain. Their nothing worse than a dumb, useless, incompetent female main character. Bella Swan I’m talking to you.

No worries dear readers, you will not find any of those awful things within the pages of Snow Like Ashes. Meira is first a soldier, warrior and proud Winterian. She will stop at nothing and do what is necessary to rescue the people of Winter as well as rebuild her lost home while taking on the Evil and Deathly Angra. She has the Chakram to prove it.

And no matter how long Sir restricts me to lesser missions, no matter how often I wonder if getting the locket pieces will be enough to win allies and free our kingdom, I’ll be ready to help. I know Sir is aware of the dedication pulsing inside of me…..understands that I share his desire to get Winter back.

Slow paced with a climatic finished, Sara Raasch will have to panting and begging for more as her teasing fingers weave together a magical on the edge of your seat, what-the-hell-did-I-just-read and when is the next one coming out because I can’t get enough of this book. A mouth full I know but Snow Like Ashes did this to me. I’m proud to say that Sara Raach has made it to my Top 5 along with her book. She is someone I will be waiting to read the next book from.

To all my followers go pick up Snow Like Ashes. The Game of Thrones of YA. I promise you won’t be disappointed. It’s just that good.

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