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Don't Touch @Rachel M Wilson

don't touch

Don’t Touch

by Rachel M Wilson

5 stars

Don’t Touch Don’t Touch

There’s a name for these imaginings: magical thinking. It almost sounds nice, but it isn’t. The weirdest part is that I know my stupid games shouldn’t have an effect on real life. but when I try to stop, the doubt creeps in–what if it does matter?

It’s not easy being Caddie. Not only are her parents getting a divorce but she has this strange idea that if she’s doesn’t touch, that some how it will make everything better. That her father will come back home and the family will be whole again. Everything will be as it once was. Sadly, her idea doesn’t work–it makes her miserable. Not only does it keep her interacting normally with people but it separates her from doing something that she loves. Which is the role Ophelia in the school play.

Don’t touch protects me from pain. Like an overzealous bodyguard whose last client died shaking hands. There are so many things in the world that can cause pain, and people–people do it best. If I can’t touch them, they can’t hurt me….There’s a flaw in that logic….But my games have never been logical.

I commend Rachel M Wilson for doing an excellent job of captioning the anxiety, panic,fear and mental instability that is associated with OCD. For those who don’t know what OCD means, it stand for obsessive compulsion disorder. Something that author Rachel M Wilson said she struggled with in her life. Having first hand experience with this disorder helps brings those feelings to life through the pages of Don’t Touch. Making you cringe and sigh in frustration as you see Caddie struggle to be ‘normal’. Wishing that she just get over it and just touch. But it doesn’t work like that. There is no magic pill or thinking. Just patience and understanding. As well as getting the professional help.

Which Caddie eventually does. She opens up to her best friend and the boy that she likes about why she is the way she is. With that, new opportunities open up before her eyes. Caddie is able to play the role of Ophelia to its full potential and start a budding romance with her crush Peter. Who by the way is very understanding, caring and patient. He doesn’t rush Caddie–he waits for her to make the move. To be comfortable around him. To touch him. Yes, at times he is mad and angry with frustration but once he fully grasp what is coming on inside Caddie head, he waits. Which is refreshing. So is the slow build up to a romance. There was no rushing. Or how I like to put it: Insta-love. Something that plagues ya books with a passion.

But that argument is for another time. This is about Don’t Touch. A great and fantastic read. A book about friendship, love, Shakespeare, fear and getting over that fear. Overcoming the thing that is holding you back from being the best that you can be. Also, there are cute theater boys 🙂 . I know I know that shouldn’t be a reason to buy this book but cute boys doesn’t hurt.

So if you love Shakespeare, theater, people overcoming their fears and of course the loveable Peter!!!! go out and get this book. Buy it or borrow it from the library–it’s a MUST READ!!! Such a good message inside this book. Rachel M Wilson is someone I will be looking forward to reading more books from.

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