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I Thought The Sun Will Always Come Out Tomorrow, But I Guess When You're A Part Of The Murder Complex It's Always Cloudy And Grey


The Murder Complex

by Lindsay Cummings

4 1/2 stars

Action Packed, Intense, Chilling Ride.

That’s the best way to describe The Murder Complex by Lindsay Cummings. Set in a grimy, depressing, oppressive world where the Initiatives rule every thing, murder is at an all time high and there doesn’t seem like it’s ever going to get better. You definitely don’t want to be on the streets late at night.

Told from two different point of views–Meadow and Zephyr, you get to see just how bad everything is. You have Meadow the kick-ass heroine. And I do mean kick-ass. The things she can do with that dagger and her fists. You don’t want to meet her in a dark alley. Meadow the bad ass has basically been trained since she was in diapers to be a stone cold killed. To survive this depressing and violent world. Her personality is much to be desired but it’s understandable if all you think about is surviving. You have no time to really show any emotions. Emotions equal weakness. Weakness means DEATH. Although in the few scenesĀ  where Meadow is with her sister Peri and the rest of her family you can see and feel the love she has for them. And with that amazing cliffhanger you know that nothing and I do mean NOTHING will keep her away from her family and the ones she loves and hold near and dear to her heart.

Next, you have Zephyr who is like Meadow but worse. The same thing about Meadow’s personality can be said about his. But once again I don’t think you will have that much of a personality if you were born in a test tube and taught and programmed to kill. Zephyr is an ORIGINAL or better known as Patient Zero. I will not go into too much details but I will said that he has a special place in my heart. You just want to hug him and make it all better because his life growing up sucks. Nobody would want to be born in that situation, even if its in a test tube. One thing I will say about Zephyr is that he is passionate and loyal to a fault. He will do anything for Meadow because she is the girl from his dreams. The one that keeps him sane in this insane and chaotic world.

Lindsay Cummings does an amazing job weaving these two different character perspectives while taking you on a wild and thrilling ride. She will definitely be one of those authors that will be around for a long time. Not only did she write The Murder Complex but she has a middle grade book called The Balance Keepers. Available on, Barnes and Noble and your local book store. On top of that, the book cover for The Death Code was just reveal. Check it out:


Can you say gorgeous? This will go nicely with The Murder Complex. So if you are looking for an action-packed, intense, chilling and wild ride go and grab your copy today. RUN!!!! Don’t walk.

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