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Trial by Fire by Josephine Angelini


Trial by Fire

by Josephine Angelini

2 stars

Lily, Lillian or whatever she wants to be called, Bella Swan me in the beginning of the book forcing me to throw it down in frustration so I could collect myself. Yes you read right she pulled a Bella Swan “My life is meaningless because the boy I love with all my heart doesn’t feel the same way.” First off he was a jerk, douchebag and a complete dickwad so I don’t understand her feelings for this particular boy but whatever. Oh that’s right–she’s your “typical” teenage girl. And let’s not forget that she isn’t the prettiest of the bunch. What is it with author’s making female character who are, I kid you not–skinny, pale, weak and have unruly brown or red bushy hair? Can you please be original? There are enough female characters out there already.

Not that she had a bad body…sure, she had skin that was much too fair for the current style and she was painfully skinny….and the hair was a problem. Bright red, thicker than polar bear fur and curly…

See where I’m going. So Lily is allegric to her world so after the love of her life embarrasses her at a party no less, she wants to disappear–literally. And she does with the help of her other self from another universe. Yes there are multiple universes and all that jazz. Too much science involve for me to explain it all. Anyway, she whisked off to this other universe and there she learns she’s a powerful witch. Yep, a powerful witch with so much power that everybody is scared of her. What I don’t understand is how the heck this weak snot nose weakling is suddenly all powerful right first the start. Even Obi Wan Kenobi needed training.

On top of that there’s a freaking love triangle. Please, please, please stop with the dreaded love triangles. It’s over and done with. In fact it’s a smoldering mess on my grill. Its no saving it so just stop. What makes it worse is that the person she is developing feelings for wanted to kill her in the beginning of the book. Now I know if someone wanted to kill me in the beginning there is no way in hell that I’m going to start falling in love with them. And Lily, Lillian started falling for Rowan pretty quickly. And I don’t care if there is some misunderstanding–I’m looking at you with a side-eye while I plot my escape.

She knew it was Rowan’s arm–the same guy who had said he would happily kill her–but she couldn’t seem to get herself to pull away from him in disgust. Every part of her felt like it was in exactly the right place.

Aside from these problems I had with the book it is still an original story. Okay, the whole witches are from Salem made me roll my eyes a few times but that doesn’t take away that this was a fairly fast read and the world building was something that I enjoyed. I wish it was more of that originality instead of the many cliches that plague the YA scene. We have enough of the brooding, passive aggressive love interest and the charming flirtatious, easy on the eyes love interest. Will I continue on with the next book. No unless I borrow it from my local library.

But if you’re looking for a book fill with multiple universes and powerful witches and weird ass creatures that rid humans to shred than this is the book for you. Although I would borrow it from someone or the library.

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