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Dare To Dream



by Corinne Davis

4 stars

Two young women, seemingly ordinary girls, with no idea who they are or the power they possess.

The above quote is taken directly for the book Dreamwalkers by Corinne Davis and that pretty much sums it up. Emma and Zoe are two normal teenager girls who just happen to share the ability to dreamwalk. Dreamwalkers from what I gathered from the book are people with the power/ability to astral project while in a dreaming state into a realm of their own making. That’s how the two major characters first meet each other while dreamwalking and have been inseparable ever since. But their chance encounter is no coincidence. It has been planned for the last three hundred years.

Yes, you’ve read correctly. Three hundred years. Dreamwalking is not a gift but more of a curse that have plagued and put Dreamwalkers of all backgrounds in danger for three centuries. A curse that was placed on Emma and her father by a revengeful witch, Isabel Del Bosque. This is why Emma’s father always told her to stay to herself while on these walks for fear of encountering Darkwalkers(another word for Dark Witches/conjurers) such as Isabel. Without going into much details and giving away spoilers, Isabel blames Emma’s father for the death of her daughter Angelina. And that is where the journey of self-discovery begins for Emma and Zoe. A simple news story thrust our main characters into a life changing adventure filled with danger, demon creatures, DarkWalkers and more mystery and intrigue than a Murder She Wrote episode.

“I don’t understand why the production is necessary, but this isn’t the time to sour my mood.”

It’s obvious that Author Corinne Davis got some of her inspiration from books such as Divergent and The Hunger Games but the writing is all her own. With a hint of witchcraft and shamanism woven into the story you’re taken on a wild ride that you don’t want to end. But sadly it does, leaving you with more unanswered questions then when you came into the story. Which is why there is to be another book release in the spring of 2015. And I for one am glad. Not only do I love the development of Emma but also of her sidekick and best friend/protector Zoe. This two young ladies are intelligent, brave, smart and believable. They are pretty much are forced into a situation that they have not control of but they don’t complain or whine or do stupid things like so many YA books seem to gravitate towards when it comes to female heroines. They are strong and did I mention SMART? Yes I like clever intelligent female characters that are not worried about boys every damn page of the book. But I digress.

So if you’re looking for a new kind of adventure and want to know more about the Dreamwalkers, I suggest that you pick up this book, available in e-book form on Amazon. It’s a really good read and I give it 4 out of 5 stars. Yes it had some problems but not much to make stop reading or recommending this book to you.

Oh one other thing that I want to point is that I happy for a person with brown skin to be a main character in a book and not just useless background filler. Something that is sorely missing in the YA genre and pretty much all of the genres.

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