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Books That I Want Just Because of the Covers

The year is almost over and there are a couple of books that I wish to get just by looking at the covers alone. Yes I said it–I want the books because of the pretty covers. Call me shallow or superficial but sometimes a beautiful cover is what makes me want to buy and read the book that much more. So here are the books with the pretty covers. They are in no particular order.

  1. thousandCome on and tell me you don’t want to buy this lovely gem of a book just by the cover alone. It is so breathtaking. Lets just hope the story is just as breathtaking as the cover. It’s about a young girl name Marguerita who much jump through time and different dimensions to catch her father’s killer. Some are calling it a mix between Orphan Black and Cloud Atlas. A Thousand Pieces of You by Claudia Gray is available for purchase on November 4, 2014.
  2. bewareSouthern Gothic at its best. Small town Louisiana, a supernatural swamp and a brother that disappears and no one can’t seem to remember him except for Sterling. This seems like the perfect recipe for greatness. Beware of the Wild by Natalie C. Parker is available for purchase October 21, 2014. Just in time for the Halloween season.
  3. yelitesMarie Lu is no stranger to me. With her critically acclaim Legend Trilogy, she is back with another thrilling trilogy–The Young Elites. I believe this more of fantasy then Dysopian. A deadly blood fever sweep through civilization killing but leaving the young with strange markings and even stranger powers. With power comes fear, so the only thing to do is round the “abomination” and kill them. The Young Elites is available for purchase October 7, 2014.
  4. zodiacAnother beautiful cover that caught my eyes and makes me want to read it that much more. Plus with a tagline like :”Beware the 13th Sign” who wouldn’t want to read Zodiac by Romina Russell? I honestly don’t know what this one is about except that it has to do with  the houses of Zodiac and the 13th Guardian (Legend) who wants revenge. Some buzz has been going around booktube but I’m basing my desire for this book on the cover alone. Such a beauty. Available for purchase December 9, 2014.
  5. curedreamI don’t know if I would really call this cover beautiful but it more intriquing and interesting that I can’t wait to read it. If you’re a fan of her previous book In the Shadow of Blackbirds then I’m sure you will love this book about an independent, headstrong girl who is given a terrible gift from and hypnosis that went wrong. Yes her father wanted the rebellion snuffed out of her. In the 1900’s it was better for females to be submissive and meek. The Cure for Dreaming by Cat Winters is available for purchase October 14, 2014.
  6. suspicionPurple is such a lovely color and it goes well with this playful and ethereal cover. Suspicion is suppose to be Princess Diaries but amped up on magic mixed with a little Downton Abbey directed by Alfred Hitchcock. Yes that’s a mouthful but can you resist the cover? Mystery and intrigue is something that I enjoy a lot. Let’s just hope the story lives up to the cover. Suspicion by Alexandra Monir is available for purchase December 9, 2014.
  7. AtlantiaLast but not least is Atlantia by Ally Condie. Author of the International Bestseller Matched trilogy. A trilogy that in the words of many wasn’t such a good series. So I’m really going in blind with this book but as I said before I can’t resist a pretty cover sometimes. This will be the first book that I will purchase by this author. Mermaids and Sirens seem like to new thing that authors are gavitating towards and I believe this is what Atlantia is about. Well some of it is about. Available for purchase October 28, 2014.

So that’s my list. Maybe I help you to discover new books or maybe you already knew about these. Hope you enjoyed my little take on things.






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