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X-Men Maybe, Ocean Eleven You're Not

You will give us that money, or I’ll give the feds this and your location

Illusive Closeup
Illusive Closeup

                                                                      Illusive by Emily Lloyd-Jones

                                                                                         3 stars

You would think with a line like that, Illusive by Emily Lloyd-Jones would be an action pack and a fun exciting read but sadly this book fell short. Don’t get me wrong, Illusive is not that bad of a book. It had potential, just wasn’t executed well. I mean it was suppose to be X-Men meets Ocean Eleven but too bad that the main character Ciere is a total incompetent and whiny, self-centered thief and the rest of the crew are pretty much one dimensional stereo types. Devon the rich best friend slash wanna be side kick that wants to live the life of a crook because he just can’t stand being rich and living in a world where he is safe and secure and doesn’t have to worry about where is next meal will come from. Yes I know that Devon is suppose to provide comic relief but one he wasn’t all that funny and two I don’t understand how he and Ciere are actually friends. She pretty much treated him like gum under her shoe.

Next you have Daniel, the obvious love interest and I will  runaway and sacrifice my freedom so that my family won’t get in trouble because of what and who I am. And now I’m working with bad guys so now nobody in my crew will trust or like me. But it’s not my fault. I just got caught. After him is Alan, the one who can save them all because he is the key to saving all of mankind and from stop World War 4 and beyond. Oh and did I mention that it is also a love interest. Love triangle anyone? Nope I forgot to mention Devon, yeah it’s obvious when you read this book that he has feelings for Ciere as well. Nobody wants a love Hexagon or square or how many angles you can put into a shape. It’s over and done with.

Now for the good parts. Kit, Magnus and Aristeus are the only characters that I wanted to know more about but unfortunately the Author didn’t feel it was necessary since there is most definitely going to be another book in this series. Hopefully I will learn more about these characters and maybe Ciere will develop and actually grow as a person and become more stronger than what she is. And stop doing stupid things like putting yourself and the people you supposedly care about into trouble. Just a thought. What’s the use of having the power to hide in plain sight when you can’t even do it correctly. Like I said, Illusive tries to me action pack but nothing really ever happens. Emily Lloyd-Jones has the writing chops and I’m willing to give her another try with the second book. i just hope that there will be more background info for Kit, Magnus, and Aristeus and please some more fighting and a little more Ocean Eleven since it was clearly lacking in this first book.

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